Notes When Using Baby Powder

Applying the baby powder to children has long become a habit of fathers and mothers. Because the baby powder is highly absorbent, it should be used by mothers to prevent miscarriage and prevent diaper rash in children. However, the use of powder also needs to be properly, if using chalk arbitrarily, it can backfire and cause serious skin allergies for the baby. Even if used incorrectly, talc can cause pneumonia.

After bathing your baby, many parents have a habit of rubbing talcum powder on body folds such as neck, armpits, groin … However, this is not always good for the baby. If these areas have not been completely dried, the chalks can be easily smeared and stuck there, preventing the baby’s skin from “breathing”. Also, if you apply baby powder in the summer, sweating with powder will clog the pores, causing an allergy or folk phenomenon still called “intimidation”.

Use baby powder for infants

Trusted products are stamped products that have been safely approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). However, mothers should still carefully read the product ingredients before buying, because on the market today, many products contain toxic chemicals and not good for your baby’s health.

Mothers should not use a large amount on the baby’s skin at the same time, because it can increase the risk of skin allergies, even blisters if the baby is allergic to chemicals in the product. Moreover, the risk of baby breathing in powder is also a concern of mothers. Over time, the number of polluted babies will be deposited in the lungs and cause damage.

How to choose baby powder safely

Choose the powder of reputable brands to ensure quality, minimize the risk of skin allergies for children.

  • The best way is to choose a chalk product made from Organic, completely natural, and do not worry about causing allergies in children.
  • You should consult the specialist for more advice on brands that are quality assurance. Use only products that have been tested by the FDA.
  • If your baby’s skin is dry, you should use a lotion that helps balance and moisturize your skin instead of continuing to use baby powder. Of course, these products must also be quality products, preferably from organic.

There are many types of baby powder on the market, but moms should prioritize chalk made from chamomile powder. This chalk has been tested and proven to be safer for children. 

How to use baby powder for babies?

If you use baby powder, apply it only to your baby’s back and buttocks. When applying, do not put the powder directly on the baby’s body but have to pour a little into the palm to apply it before slowly rubbing on your child’s skin.

Do not apply talcum powder on the face, nose or other tight parts of the baby’s body (the inside of the thigh, around the vulva, the lower abdomen) because these are areas of heavy sweating, if applied heavily during infant care At birth, the baby will get stuck, causing skin rash and dermatitis. Mother should not apply baby powder to the neck of the baby, because this is the area near the nose, the baby will be easily inhaled and pose a risk of respiratory illness when he inhaled.

Heat rash appears only due to hot weather, so when babies are baby, mothers just need to put the baby into the room with cool temperatures, clean the baby, and clean the chrome immediately. Also, in the process of caring for babies, mothers need to change clothes, change diapers often to keep skin hygiene for children. Limiting swaddling baby too tight causes the baby’s room temperature to be too high, when the baby is less sweaty, the rash will dive faster.

Notes when using baby powder

When changing a baby’s diaper, keep the chalk out of the reach of children, avoid playing with the baby, and play with a bottle of chalk.

Do not use the powder directly on the baby’s skin. Instead, I should pour it on my hand and rub it gently on my skin.

Do not turn on the fan or sit near the window while putting chalk on your hands to avoid causing your baby to breathe powder.

Pay special attention to skin folds such as neck skin, armpits. Do not use too much. Excess pollen can combine with sweat to irritate the skin.

Especially, when using talcum powder for girls, mothers must be careful not to apply it to the genital area, inner thighs, vulva, lower abdomen.

Do not use on sensitive areas such as nose and eyes.

Stop using immediately if you notice that your baby’s skin has redness, itching, swelling.

After use, it should be immediately put into the prescribed place, do not let children use it as toys, avoid rubbing children in places where there is the wind, avoid blowing the powder into the windpipe of children.