What Not to Do When You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is the period where your body experiences lots of changes. This is time you need more care about your well-being. Speaking about skin, throughout your pregnancy period your hormone irregularities skin grows dry and usually loses its moisture and energy. You can utilize products like the body wash for pregnancy or moisturizers during this time.

Most women require having glowing and attractive skin when they become pregnant. Unluckily, this is not constantly the case. Since the glow frequently connected to pregnancy is due to the hormonal modifications a woman’s body endures, various reactions are to be expected. Some women may have acne during the entire term of their pregnancies at the same time others may have acne only at the first trimester. Some women likewise undergo skin dryness and only a picked few starts and complete their pregnancies all aglow. If you are pregnant and desire to maintain healthy skin throughout your cycle, you must hold a prominent skincare routine and use the best body wash for pregnancy to avoid those dry skins.

There are so many moisturizers and the body washes for pregnancy available and original products are coming to market shelves almost every day. With that, it’s remarkably hard to attempt to find out what may be secure to use throughout your pregnancy. While some components have proof of birth defects others aren’t as obvious but simply don’t look like they would be deserving of the risk. Below is a list of a few things that you can do to keep your skin moisture. Remember that when you are in doubt you can eternally try out guidance from your doctor.

What Not to Do When You Are Pregnant

The following tips can help you achieve that proverbial pregnant glow

Update your skincare products

Your skin has several needs related to your skin afore the pregnancy. As hormonal changes can make your skin to grow oilier or drier, you may have to adjust and modify the products you utilize. Some skincare stocks may also carry ingredients that are not fit for pregnant women. Ask with your doctor and dermatologist for the body wash for pregnancy that is harmless for pregnant women.

Switch to moisturizing body washes

Apart from your facial skin, the surface on your body likewise needs additional care during the pregnancy. The anxiety and trauma made by stretching due to your growing bulk can cause your skin dry and itching. Using soaps can peel your skin from its original oils and decrease its suppleness. Switch to the best body wash for pregnancy to restore moisture on your surface and prevent dryness and itching.

Load up on sun protection

Your skin’s sensibility will improve during pregnancy. This indicates that it can grow irritated and infected easier when disclosed to the sun. Avoid skin blemishes, dryness, and soreness by using sunscreen and the body wash for pregnancy as part of your regular skincare habit.

Go easy on the makeup

Less is more should be your slogan when applying makeup during your pregnancy. A concealer or foundation stick, a multipurpose color stick and loose powder are all you want to put on a bright face. Since skin throughout pregnancy is sensitive and likely to irritations, preferring moisturizing, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic beautifiers is a must.

Following these points can help you gain great skin throughout your pregnancy. Apart from these, having a balanced diet, doing routine exercise, and taking sufficient rest are however the most basic things you can perform for a healthy pregnancy and even healthier skin.

Things to be avoided while selecting the best body wash for pregnancy

Topical Retinoid

Any name of the cream or body wash product that carries the words retinol or retinoid must be avoided. If it further says it has synthetic vitamin A, stay away from the thing. Some researchers have discovered that using a topical retinoid may create birth defects. Although it’s uncertain experts suggest avoiding them only for your safety.


An ingredient utilized in skin lotions for lighting the surface used for situations like dark spots and melisma. Studies reveal that you can consume up to 45% of aforementioned into your skin and that is too much chemical to support the risk.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Though pregnancy can make hormonal acne, this product comes in category C when it appears to its risk. This indicates that there is a likely risk to the embryo so it’s simply best to avoid.


Fragrances are normally found to carry toxic chemicals, like benzene derivatives, parabens, aldehydes, and more have been connected to nervous system problems and cancer.


Mostly found in plastics, it is a very profoundly unstable chemical that can penetrate into anything is being carried by it. Exposure to BPA has been connected to behavioral difficulties and developmental concerns.


This chemical is essentially used to store products. Parabens have been associated with breast cancer as great as it has additionally been found they can harm the reproductive system.


This ingredient is essentially found in beauty products to further stabilize the ratio but it has been associated with lung, liver, kidney, and reproductive issues. Look on the backside of your product for words ending in -phthalate to avoid this component.

Thioglycolic Acid

This is an ingredient utilized in hair-removal cosmetics, seldom listed on the label as mercaptoacetic acid, acetyl mercaptan, mercapto acetate, and thiocyanic acid. There is no knowledge about how this chemical may harm the fetus.

Chemical sunscreens

Sunscreen is very essential during pregnancy but give close consideration to the ingredients. There are a few suggestive proofs that certain ingredients could act a risk. It’s suggested to stick to titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as they are regarded as the safest.

Salicylic acid

It is usually recommended to avoid regular use of cosmetics with salicylic acid in them. It is a component commonly seen in products which are used to heal and manage acne.


Formaldehyde is associated with miscarriage and reduced fertility. You are most apt to encounter it in nail polish.


Soy can simulate estrogen in the body, so it’s most helpful to avoid it throughout pregnancy. It can likewise make your dull skin patches worse.

Consult with your doctor and get the body wash for pregnancy to stay happy and healthy.